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What we offer

We provide restaurants with a brandable and fully customizable online ordering system.

Who can benefit

From small gourmet kitchens to large chains, our solution scales well.

How to get started

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NO contracts. Cancel whenever you want.

Features and Benefits:

  • Group Orders - One person can start an order and send a link to others who can add to it. It can either work that the creator pays the bill, or that each person pays individually.
  • Daily Specials – Pre-schedule specials to offer different ones every day
  • Bundling Options – The customer can choose an entrée and customize their order with different side dishes
  • Payment Support – Accepts Credit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Branding – Logo and colors customized for each restaurant
  • Customize Pickup Times – The restaurant can Customize the hours that ordering/pickup times are available
  • Customers can select their desired pick up time
  • Supports Coupons
  • Favorites - Customers can name & save items to their Favorites to reorder quickly
  • Quick Picks – Another way for customers to quickly reorder items
  • Account Creation - Customer can log into their account and see orders and setup their payment info
  • Payment Info can be saved in a customer’s account for easy reordering
  • Customers can add comments to each item as they order
  • Emailed receipts
  • Restaurant self-delivery options available

Featured client:

  • Italian Gourmet Deli & Bakery